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Meet your Somatic Wisdom

You might have done epic amounts of work on yourself, have the clarity, the tools, the knowledge and the understanding, but how you show up, and move through life isn't up to speed with your expanded potential.


If you have found your way to this site...

...and you want to learn how to close the gap between your awareness, and how you show up in the world...

...you've come to the right place

How? When we work with our somatic guidance system, we re-integrate scattered parts of self, and come home to our wholeness. From here, we have access to more resources, deeper levels of vitality, possibility and unlimited human potential.

Transition from...

Knowledge acquisition to embodied knowing

Efforted action to inspired action

Concept-led reality to experience-led reality


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Letting go of stories

I’m all about living life unfiltered – I’m here for all of it, the whole raw and real direct experience, and leaning into the messy journey that entails.

I regularly have to wake myself up from life’s spell and remind myself that, as the author Anais Nin said, “We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.” 

And yet when we live fully in presence nothing has to feel personal. There is no story to live up to, or aspire to. There is freedom in the unfolding moment. I love it when I take off the reins, loosen the grip and stop trying to figure it all out. The more I let life in, without trying to manipulate, control and defend it, the better it gets.

I have found the journey of letting go of the need to know is a continual exploration and integration of all parts of self.

Embracing mindbody alchemy

To explore our unique somatic blueprint then, is to recover our deepest expression of self, whilst strengthening the communication channels between our body's anchors, head (rationalism), heart (emotions) and gut (intuition).


A form of embodied mindfulness, our somatic wisdom reveals our disowned parts of self, adds breadth and depth to the container of who we are, and so from here, we can more boldly dare to embody who we truly are.

We might have learned over time to adapt around ourselves, and our challenges; around our addictions, compulsions, unhelpful thought patterns, and uncomfortable feelings. We might have tried to out-think ourselves, out-smart ourselves and out-run our dis-ease.

Perhaps we have got out ahead of the struggle briefly, but boomeranged back out of alignment when we meet our edge. Our personal narratives can be incredibly seductive. We might cling to our story, and hide behind the layers of rehearsed mind-body patterns, programming and conditioning.

Making it all too easy to see how we can end up living in the head - indeed it probably feels natural, and familiar – and we don’t even realize we’re doing it.


If analyzing/judging/conceptualising your way through life is all you know, it might just feel like who you are.

There is often synchronicity in mind and body, for our body is always reflecting back to us, about our current state of in-house affairs.

How do you live internally?

  • Are you rigid in your body, and fixed in your thinking?

  • Do you have hyper-mobile hips, and regularly over-stretch your schedule?

  • An inflamed body, and a temper to match it?

When we take a conscious turn inward, with the intention to shine a light on all of who we are, more of us becomes available to re-integrate back into the whole, and back into into co-creating with life's infinite wisdom.

If this resonates for you, and you want to find out more information, then I would love to hear from you.

Gemma x

Working together


                                     3 months I 121 Online I The Resilient Woman I Abuse + Addiction

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  • Stop self medicating

  • Get control back over your emotions, so they are not in control of you

  • Stop living as a shell of who you are, and recover the real you



"I received coaching with Gemma for about 3 months during the start of my new business and it was valuable beyond belief! I loved that Gemma was sincerely interested and engaged with all of my troubles and successes. It was certainly a time of great change and questioning for me, and it was incredibly beneficial having a weekly meeting to gain clarity about my feelings and action steps. Those times where I was feeling a bit down on myself, she gave wonderful reflections that allowed me to shift to a higher perspective. Gemma's way of guiding me to tune into the wisdom of the body was spectacular! Even though I've been a yogi for a while, listening to the knowing of my body was something I've never explored. It was so helpful for guiding me to make decisions that I felt I couldn't rationally sort out. That's a gift which was invaluable during our sessions, but is also a skill that I've learned and can now carry with me for the rest of my life." Alyce Croft, Austin, US


""Working with Gemma has allowed me to discover perspectives I never had conceived of, and this new information brought me to profound insights that help to shift the areas of my life where I was stuck. I always feel empowered when being coached by Gemma. She holds such a supportive space and brings so much heart, caring, and curiosity to the table. My life path is so much clearer now that I've worked with her."

KC. Taylor, Austin, US

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