I am a Breathwork Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Practitioner.

I’m also a recovering planner.


Previously an independent corporate marketing consultant, and prior to that a financial analyst, I used to be most at home structuring, organising and thinking my way through life. What started at a reliable, effective life strategy, go boring fast.


I worked out pretty early on how to hustle hard to manifest everything I wanted, the way I wanted it, and I felt smug and in control about it. The reality was I was just executing a tight life vision, so detailed that there was no room for any juicy depth, spontaneity, flow or fun.

Happy to chameleon myself into whatever the current project/situation/person/life needed from me, I prided myself on being adaptable and smiley until I would trash all my own boundaries, lose my connection with my truth, and re-hatch an even tighter plan to get out ahead of life.

I was lucky enough to have a wake-up call over twenty years ago. Struggling to find the answers between medicine and psychiatry, I stumbled into working with my first Energy Practitioner (who I still see as my 'Doctor' to this day!).  boomeranged back and forth between waking up and falling asleep for another 20 years before going all-in on a deeply conscious way of living. 

I love the unlearning, the unpacking, the surrendering, and the inevitable awakening from unconscious to conscious living that happens when you let go of the fight, let go of the control to get it right, let go of project-managing your way through life, and relax into the unfolding. Life is infinitely smarter than your best ideas, and painstakingly set goals, so settle in for the ride and let it reveal to you what move to play next!

My life has been peppered with breakdowns, burnouts, and breakthroughs – because ultimately you can’t out-plan the dark times that turn up unannounced, jolt you into the present moment, and ask those deep, existential questions of you.

©2020 by Gemma Louise Pugh