"Working with Gemma has allowed me to discover perspectives I never had conceived of, and this new information brought me to profound insights that help to shift the areas of my life where I was stuck. I always feel empowered when being coached by  Gemma. She holds such a supportive space and brings so much heart, caring, and curiosity to the table. My life path is so much clearer now that I've worked with her." KC. Taylor, Austin, US


"I received coaching with Gemma for about 3 months during the start of my new business and it was valuable beyond belief! I loved that Gemma was sincerely interested and engaged with all of my troubles and successes. It was certainly a time of great change and questioning for me, and it was incredibly beneficial having a weekly meeting to gain clarity about my feelings and action steps. Those times where I was feeling a bit down on myself, she gave wonderful reflections that allowed me to shift to a higher perspective. Gemma's way of guiding me to tune into the wisdom of the body was spectacular! Even though I've been a yogi for a while, listening to the knowing of my body was something I've never explored. It was so helpful for guiding me to make decisions that I felt I couldn't rationally sort out. That's a gift which was invaluable during our sessions, but is also a skill that I've learned and can now carry with me for the rest of my life." Alyce Croft, Austin, US