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The Resistance Journey

Working through resistance is hard. Playing with resistance is a game.

Resistance is opposing, and preventing the flow that wants to come through you.

Inspiration is stacking up and waiting to be channeled through the vessel that is you. The degree to which you allow this in, determines the degree of greatness you have access to.

Identify your own flavor of resistance - this might translate as rushing; chaotic thinking; stuckness; stagnation; frustration; procrastination; wanting to give up… however messily it shows up at your door, allow it to be ok first. Then you can reframe your association with it, by thanking the behavior – as a telltale sign that you’re on to something good. Really good. Keep going….

…the other side of your journey through resistance is greater credibility with yourself, and a self-worth boost. And we all need some of that.

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