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Please contact me directly for further information on 121 sessions both in person, and online.

The Consciousness Accelerator

Over twenty years ago, struggling and unable to find answers in medicine and psychiatry, I worked with an energy practitioner (who remains my ‘doctor’ to this day) and my personal journey of growth and healing are reflected in the Consciousness Accelerator program.

Combining physical, psychological and presence-based fitness training over a three-month cycle, the 121 personal development lab, is tailored for you to explore and experiment with; upgrading your functional self, developing a growth mindset and living in an optimal state of flow.

You will emerge with, a profound realisation of what makes you who you are, and who you want to be.


Why do it?

  • Upgrade your physical health, your psychological mindset, and your present flow state

  • Drop conceptual filters of reality + embrace direct lived experience of life

  • Thrive in adventurous, intense, and immersive learning environments

What is it?


  • 121 personal innovation lab to accelerate, integrate and expand your consciousness

  • Deeply bespoke + curated content to drive tailored change

  • 3 month duration - weekly calls, daily comms + 5 day retreat

What is the learning?


  • To take responsibility (of your physical and psychological environment)

  • Yet surrender control to the moment (present environment)

  • Maintenance protocols for a self sustaining ecosystem

What is the impact?


  • Deep clarity of who you are, how you function and who you want to be

  • Deep commitment to life systems, routines and protocols that work for you

  • Deep coherence of mind, body and soul to leverage flow state

How it works?


  • First month: Audit phase: Reclaim yourself through radical self awareness

  • Second month: Evolve phase: Rebuild yourself through radical self care

  • Third month: Mastery phase: Realize yourself through radical self integrity

Why it works?

  • Structured yet intuitive model ensures momentum and play

  • Partnering & accountability approach creates the trust and alliance to honor vulnerable change

  • Integrated ethos, making the unconscious, conscious on head, heart, gut level